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Though fabric damage can occur during the washing process, it is very unlikely for the damage to be due to the faulty washer. Fabric damage is normally caused before the cloth washed or due to oversights in washing procedures.

In many ways clothing can get damaged like holes, tears or deterioration, including :

Age and Normal Wear

Under conditions of normal use and wear, textile eventually age becoming easy to get torn under stress. Collar tips and cuffs are usually damaged due to sweating & rubbing during normal wear.

Chemical Damage

Contact with strong chemicals such as undiluted chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, hair dyes etc. cause holes and tears. In many cases the tearing occurs late; after a period of time and/or washing on many occasions.

Use of excessive chlorine bleach is common cause of tearing. Dilute bleach in water before adding to a washer without a dispenser. Models with a bleach dispenser do not need to have bleach diluted. Nevertheless, add the bleach before placing clothes into the washer to avoid inadvertently spilling it on the clothes.


Snags in cotton knits may happen during wear. Generally they are not noticed prior to washing, but become small holes after washing and/or drying. Zippers and hooks may also snag items if left open during washing process. Close all zippers and hooks. Similarly, Pins & Ornaments that are not removed from clothes may damage them. Remove all such items before washing.

Improper Loading

At times, small items with straps or lace can be caught under the pulsater or agitator Using a mesh bag for such items is suggested.


If excessive items are in wash tub, they cannot circulate freely and can result in excessive abrasion or snagging. For good results, a top loading washer should be loaded loosely with dry, unfolded clothes in the tub. In addition, it is important to use sufficient water for the size of wash load. Front loading washers can be loaded completely full of dry clothes but not jammed tightly.

Sunlight Damage

Tearing and discoloration can also occur over a period of time to items exposed to sunlight. Since the fabrics are weakened by the sunlight, the stress of washing or drying may cause holes and tearing.


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